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Organic Markets


To Go Food
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If you are looking for a specific recipe you can always put the name in Google and you will usually find it on any one of the numerous recipe sites like

You can also find some great classic recipes on Wikihow like how to make smores - click around on Wiki How for others.

There are many grocery chains to choose from in our area - here is key information about each and links to their sales circulars:

Safeway (Genuardiís in Pennsylvania) now has their own line of organic products at good prices and you can check their sale circulars here, no online shopping in our area yet.

Acmeís site requires a lot of mouse clicks to get what you want, but here is the Fairfax Acme sales circular which should be the same for others in the area - and here is their online shopping area. There is also the ďDucklings ClubĒ for Moms with kids age 0-5 - you can sign up online to get - on their mailing list. 

Great cookbooks are a big part of any kitchen. Even if you can barely boil water you can master the super easy but fancy looking offerings in Donna Hayís books.

Trader Joeís at 5605 Concord Pike near Sullivanís, TJMaxx and behind Target has an amazing selection of organic and convenient yet healthy food at good prices.  There is nothing on line really - reach them at 302-478-8494 - they are open 7 days 9 am - 9 pm

Jansennís in Greenville has no sale circular and you canít shop online but if you want excellent quality or are looking for a specialty item they are a great.

Superfresh (A&P outside of Delaware) allows you to set your favorite store on their site and then access sales circulars and other info.  No mention of online shopping.

Pathmarkís site does have circulars but they are hard to get to because their system doesnít recognize many local zip codes - but they do have online shopping for the Kirkwood Highway store.

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Pizza by Elizabeths

How great to find a restaurant that has good food and wine for the parents and a kidís menu with no french fries on it!  you will need to request they leave the globs of jelly and animal crackers off of the peanut butter pizza in order to have it truly nutritious - and it still tastes great that way! A little expensive for every night but a great spot just the same.  Rt. 52 Greenville open

To Go Food

Organic Markets and Farm Stands

More and more the health of our families is becoming an important part of food shopping. While we do not have some of the larger organic markets close by, here is a list of places who really care about the quality of our food.

Harvest Market is at 7417 Lancaster Pike in Hockessin 234-6779, open Mon-Fri 9-7 and Sat 10-7. They do not have a web site.

Haskellís on Route 100

Francineís (the former Tomís Market location) on Lancaster Pike midway between Route 141 and the center of Hockessin

Highland Orchards Farm Market sits at 1431 Foulk Road right across from Brandywine High School - 478-4042 and is open from April to November Mon-Sat 9-6.  Check their harvest calendar for what is available when and bring the kids because they have farm animals there too!

Newark Natural Foods Co-op and Farmers Market - 280 E. Main Street in Newark 368-5894 open Mon-Sat 9-8 and Sun 10-5 - check here for directions.  You do not have to be a member to shop there and they offer both organically and commercially grown food at prices usually lower than health food stores and supermarkets.  The farmers market is open seasonally from 10-2 and has as its goal to support and help keep local farmers in business.

The Farm to City program based out of Philadelphia has several buying clubs.  The closest closest pickup point is PlayNice childrenís boutique (610-696-2410)in West Chester offering pasture raised meats and eggs from Meadow Run Farm in Lancaster.


Sweet Treats


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Delaware Farm listings

The fun on the farm listings from the Dept. of Agriculture list many farms in Delaware.