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Welcome to Wilmington Kids Club

This is the site for Moms, Dads and Kids who live in and around Wilmington Delaware.  Everything is researched and presented with you in mind.  We also have filled it with the basic information we come to the internet for - that way you wonít have to click on so many links to find what you need. 

In the Museum section we give you opening hours, admission fees and links to maps and kid related pages. We have also screened all of our links to make sure they actually work and have good information.

In the shopping areas we assume you already know about the mall so while we include the mass marketers we also direct you to locally owned stores with unique products and great customer service.

We have tried to include telephone numbers and relevant kid related links on all our listings - and - our phone links are clickable now allowing you to make a call right from your comuputer. All you need is a free download of Skype and a microphone.

In the Iím hungry section we have included links to local grocery stores and their sale circulars and online ordering sites - we donít eat out every night! There are also links for organic and locally raised meats and produce to help our communities, farmers and the environment - great!

Finally, there is nothing presented here we wouldnít want our own young children to see, so browse with confidence.  If you ever see anything here that concerns you or if know of something wonderful we have omitted, please email us immediately.